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World Book Day 2019 | Favourite Books:


World Book Day is a day to celebrate reading, and what better way to celebrate than talk about my all-time favourite books?

I’ve always been a reader. Mum always made sure a book was in my hand and another one on standby (just in case, because, you know, it’s how I spent most of my days). I entered library competitions, wrote a poem that featured in a collection of primary school poetry, and would always spend my time sifting through the library shelves. I’d say at least 70% of my day is dedicated to books. I mean, I do a degree in literature, I want to work in publishing, and I write about books in my spare time. I just can’t get enough!

Quite honestly, books mean the world to me. They’re always there to get lost in, or to find inspiration from, or knowledge, or happiness. Books have endless possibilities. The few I’m sharing with you today are my all-time favourites. They have helped shape who I am, not only as a reader but as a person. They are simply wonderful…


A very obvious choice but, undoubtedly, the most important. The Brontës are the reason why I’m so passionate about Victorian Literature, and Jane Eyre started it all. I read this back in the summer of 2015 and it has slowly taken over my life. I’ve researched extensively into the family, written a dissertation on them, visited the Parsonage God knows how many times (and I’m going back next weekend!), and so on.

It follows the titular character’s journey through life, starting off at her detestable aunt’s, moving through to her time at school, both as a student and teacher, before going on to be a governess at Thornfield Hall. I have a whole post dedicated to why I love this story, but, for the most part, it’s because it demonstrates Charlotte’s passion. Her passion for love, despite the toxicity; her passion for equality; her passion for childhood innocence; and so on. Also, her portrayal of the Byronic hero is lovely. Just the best book to exist, ever.

11/10 recommend.


Now, J.R.R Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings is relatively new to my favourites list, as I only read it last summer, but it’s such a treasure. I always knew these books (which is actually one very large book usually published in three volumes) would be special; the movies mean a lot to me – I would watch them religiously throughout sixth form every weekend. And, the movies are literally the books. Peter Jackson did such an amazing job at adapting them onto the big screen.

Everyone knows the story of Frodo Baggins being burdened with the quest of travelling to Mount Doom to destroy the One Ring. Of course, there are lots of subplots, otherwise three volumes would be a little excessive, but that’s the main story. I learnt so much from this series: to carry on when things look dark ahead; not to give up on someone, despite them telling you to; to be accepting of everyone and anyone; and to fight for the things you believe in.

Honestly, one of the best books/series ever. A firm favourite. If I had to choose my favourite volume, I’d probably go for The Fellowship of the Ring, but they’re all pretty much equal in my eyes.


Yes, Christopher Marlowe’s sixteenth-century play, Doctor Faustus, is one of my favourite books of all time. I read this in my second year of sixth form, as I had an exam on it, and it swiftly became a favourite of mine when I watched the Globe’s stage version on DVD. I find this such a fun and entertaining play. Doctor Faustus is a remarkable character, but  Mephistopheles is definitely the defining quality of the text.

Marlowe was Shakespeare’s contemporary and, in my opinion, Faustus beats all of the Bard’s plays. The titular character has learnt everything there is to know, well, I say everything, but not magic. He is greedy and ambitious, and will not be stopped, so he summons the devil Mephistopheles. He bargains his soul for 24 years of magic. They wreck havoc, but Faustus doesn’t have forever…

Such. A. Good. Play. I would love to see this live (Kit Harrington recently starred in a production a few years ago – I wanted to go *so* bad, but London is expensive). Hopefully, one day. It’s the best play I’ve ever come across, and it holds such a special place in my heart (and on my favourites shelf).

I don’t consider a lot of books *favourites*. I reserve that term for books that have touched me in ways that is quite unthinkable, or produced feelings or emotions that I don’t feel on a regular basis. It is for books that, quite simply, blow my mind. And these did that. So, please, go read them!!!!!!

Anyway, happy World Book Day! What’s your favourite book? I’d love to know – maybe I can add it to my TBR!

Thanks for reading, Lauren X

4 thoughts on “World Book Day 2019 | Favourite Books:

  1. Lovely post! Jane Eyre is unbeatable, and it is so impressive that Doctor Faustus is one of your favourite books/plays. I don’t think many people can say that. I will certainly be on a look-out for any theatrical productions. Just out of curiosity, have you read Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell? It is now my favourite fantasy book and it is as though it was really written in the 19th century.


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