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Bookish Favourites | Summer 2019:

2019 hasn’t been the best year for reading, so I have very little favourites when it comes to specific books. Nevertheless, that’s never stopped me. I’ve fallen in love with lots of bookish things recently, and I kindaaaa wanted to talk about them with you today, so let’s get into it!


Spending all day studying Victorian literature was fun in the beginning. Now, I dread it. I can’t pick up a Victorian classic without over-analysing it, or finding myself frustrated and a little bored. I haven’t fallen out of love with them, no, never, but I need a little break from them. So, I’ve substituted Victorian classics for neo-Victorian books. More specifically, murder mysteries.

I can’t get enough of them.

It started with Ambrose Perry’s The Way of All Flesh. It was *such* a GOOD book, following a doctor and a maid who team up to solve the mysterious murders of working-class women in Victorian Edinburgh. Ever since then, I’ve added His Bloody Project, The Wages of Sin and The Murder of Harriet Monckton to my shelves, with more sitting in my wish list. I can’t be stopped. I won’t be stopped. I need my Victorian fix.


Not so long ago, my mum had the brilliant idea (stolen from IKEA) of building me a box bookshelf. She got some wooden boxes, polished them, screwed them together with a set of wheels, and I was on my way.

I’ve always wanted big bookshelves to line my room with, but I share a room with my sister, and she gets the final say in everything. I’ve never owned a bookshelf (as the shelves we did have were reserved for her DVD collection) until last year, but it’s a tiny shelf that only sits a few books. So this little box bookshelf is perfect, because it squeezes into the tiniest places. I love decorating it with my Jellycat bunnies and some faux flowers. I definitely want to add some more when I get my own place!


I won’t lie: I’ve hated doing my masters dissertation. Recently, though, I’m getting somewhere with it. I’m starting to look at it as something unique and interesting, rather than something to stress and cry over.

I’m looking at Victorian literary witches, which is all I’ll say till I’ve handed it in and it’s been marked, as I’m a worrier and I don’t want to say too much. But it’s been fascinating to delve into historical context on witches, as well as literary context, examining how writers have approached the topic differently, or if there is even a difference at all. I love witches, that isn’t new, but my love for them has grown substantially since researching,E6CBD098-9B48-42FD-AF58-4425B3887EF6 and I’m learning something new about them every day.

It’s not all bad, right?


Okay, I know this isn’t bookish, but it is the best reading companion during the evening. It’s infused with vanilla and nutmeg, adding an autumnal bliss to it. It’s the perfect drink to settle down with, whilst you’re wrapped up in blankets, with the candle flickering, and the sound of rain beating at your window. It’s just  *soooo* warm and cosy, ideal for those neo-Victorian murder mysteries, right?

Honestly, if you’re a tea addict like myself, I recommend picking some up (I got mine from ASDA, but I’m sure they’ll sell them anywhere!). We all know Yorkshire Tea is The Best Tea.

…I’m hoping the shorter days, colder weather and darker stories will inspire some new bookish favourites that I can share with you later on in the year. Autumn and Winter always make me want to curl up and read, and I’ll be free of university, so I’m very much looking forward to it.

What’s been your bookish favourite recently? Let me know!

Thanks for reading, Lauren X

5 thoughts on “Bookish Favourites | Summer 2019:

  1. Aww, Lauren. I love everything about this post. I’ll try that tea. I do love tea, and the way you wrote about it made me crave it.
    Good luck with your dissertation. It usually goes better than we worry about it will. But you are right, until all is said and done we can’t not know for sure. Good that you conquered a new love and appreciation of witches.
    Clever switch from Victorian to neo Victorian mysteries. I’m jotting down some titles. It’s so true that we can get burned out when we do something at that level of intensity.
    Currently I’m knee deep into Moby Dick, focused mainly on it, and reading some grammar fun books by Karen Elizabeth Gordon, The Well Tempered Sentence, and The Deluxe Transitive Vampire, plus some ongoing poetry and Bible.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. A lot. I can’t see why it’s a book for teens. I enjoy the fact that I don’t have to read anything else. The plot driven parts are witty and humorous, but I am loving the detours. If I were busier, I won’t love the detours or the book.
        Just remember it’s an excellent long title for the unhurried person.

        Liked by 1 person

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