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2020 Reading Goals:

Like everybody else, I’m trying to squeeze my end-of-the-year bookish posts in the few weeks left of 2019. I wanted to talk through my reading goals for the next year…8204FE0F-4679-488D-8BFA-0C36105FFFD4

I’m someone who prioritises reading. It’s what I like to do in my spare time. I rarely watch television and I have little-to-no social life, so reading is basically my whole life (the sad thing is, I’m not even joking). But I’m not someone who forces myself to read, and I don’t like to set myself specific TBRs or say I’ll read a massive amount of books.

You don’t know where life will take you.

So I like to go easy on my goals. But let’s discuss them anyway…

–  Let’s start with the good ol’ Goodreads challenge. I usually set my target at 30. That’s 2.5 books a month. I think that’s pretty do-able, but I want to read *at least* 4 books a month, so I’m upping my challenge to 50 (for a nice rounded number).

– I really, quite desperately want to get back into reading classics, specifically Victorian classics. I used to read so many in 2018 before my Masters killed my joy for them. I want to find my passion again, so I want to read at least two classics a month, with one of them being Victorian. In total, I should have read 24 classics in 2020.

– I want to complete my Penguin English Library collection. As of right now, I only have 29 more to collect (excluding the out-of-print ones – I’ll keep my eye out for them on eBay and such but I’m more focused on getting the ones out now). Once that collection is done, I can start on my others, like the Penguin Monarchs!

– 2020 could be the year I finally branch out into other forms of literature, like poetry and plays. I want to spend a lil more time with things that aren’t prose, y’know.

– I started re-reading the Brontë novel this year but only managed to get through three of them, so I’d like to make some progress in that area. It was my mission to read and annotate them, looking out for my favourite passages or signs of foreshadowing, etc.

– and, so, the six books I want to read in 2020 are:

  • The Foundling by Stacey Halls
  • The Devil’s Slave by Tracy Borman
  • The Binding by Bridget Collins
  • Things in Jars by Jess Kidd
  • The Doll Factory by Elizabeth Macneal
  • Bone China by Laura Purcell

These are all books I’ve had on my wish list for ages, especially because some of them were released in 2019, but I wait for the release of the paperbacks which usually happen 9-12 months later.

What are your reading goals for 2020?

Thanks for reading, Lauren X



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