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December Wrap-up:

It may be January, and it may be 2020, but I’m still stuck in 2019. I’m trying to find a way to discuss my monthly reads in a way that’s not a long list and not a massive ramble. This may be my new thing, but we’ll have to wait and see…

December was a good reading month for me. I relied on audiobooks but also found my footing with physical reading again. I’m back in the game.

Here’s what I read in December 2019:

– The Wonder by Emma Donoghue / 3 stars

– The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo / 2 stars

– Milkman by Anna Burns / 3.5 stars

– Miss Marley: The Untold Story of Jacob Marley’s Sister / 3 stars

– My Year of Rest and Relaxation / 3 stars

A Victorian Lady’s Guide to Life by Elspeth Marr / 3 stars

– A Black Fox Running by Brian Carter / 4 stars

– Burial Rites by Hannah Kent / 4 stars

– ‘The Inner Room’ by Robert Aickman / 2 stars

– A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens / 5 stars

– The Hound of the Baskervilles by Arthur Conan Doyle / 3 stars

– Comedy of Errors by William Shakespeare / 3 stars

C7D6D11B-B274-4B0B-93CD-9EE5A878E9EFFavourite of the month: Milkman

I can’t stop thinking about this book. It was a difficult read – like really, bloody difficult – but I enjoyed reading it. Anna Burns has a peculiar writing style – long and rambling. It was like a big stream of consciousness. But I was engrossed. Once I found the flow, I got sucked into the world of our unnamed narrator who has attracted the attention of a powerful and frightening older man, Milkman. I liked the political backdrop of the story & I’m looking forward to revisiting this one!

Least favourite of the month: The Seven Husbands of Evelyn HugoAC9631C8-1BD6-49B6-BD0F-B99A5797F024

I knew I wouldn’t like this one; that’s why I read it. I was planning a *huge* unhaul and knew this would make the list of “need to go”. It follows Evelyn Hugo’s life, namely her seven husbands, through a reporter who’s been asked to write her life story down. I just found this one very dull – the characters were glamorous but nothing special and the narrative was a lil boring and long. A very hyped book that I just knew wouldn’t live up to the expectations!

January TBR: A Game of Thrones

Yeah, that’s right, I’m going to *finally* read the A Song of Ice and Fire series! I’ve had these books sitting on my shelf for years – I actually bought the set with one of my first paychecks. I don’t know why I’ve never read them, maybe because of university? the sheer size of them? because I’ve already watched the television adaptation? I’m not sure, but 2020 is the year I conquer them and January is the month I start my journey.

…and that was my December! Probably my best reading month of the year. Hopefully it’s a start of a new reading streak, where I’m unstoppable and read through ten books a month like I did back in 2018, but that’s wishful thinking, right?

Yeah, anyway, thanks for reading, as always. What was your favourite book of December?

Lauren X

2 thoughts on “December Wrap-up:

  1. My reread of John Masefield’s children’s classic The Box of Delights was probably my favourite December read, manly because it was part of a Twitter readalong, but really all my reads are enjoyable for different reasons. I also finished my discussions of Jane Eyre, and I can now see what all the fuss is about!


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