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The Furies | Murder, Witchcraft & Secret Societies

IMG_0363Last October I entered a competition on Katie Lowe’s Twitter to win a signed copy of her debut novel, The Furies, and, for once in my life, I actually won!

The Furies has been on my radar since it came out.

Set in a late 90s private school, the new girl, Violet, is obsessed with joining this elusive group of girls. Finally infiltrating the group, she is drawn into a world of secret societies, murder and witchcraft.

Doesn’t that just sound amazing?

It’s the history behind the private school that really drew me in. It was built on the grounds where witches would be persecuted during King James I of England’s reign – the time where basically every woman or Catholic was burned alive. Lowe didn’t just focus on a certain type of witch – mainly the occult witch – but drew on a long line of literary witches to write a fantastic story, looking at revenge, obsession and cult fantasies.

I liked The Furies a lot more than I expected to.

It was definitely flawed, that’s why it didn’t get the full five stars, with a few questions left unanswered and a few plot points left unexplored, but it was still a super fun, easy and fast read. I liked the feel to it. The school setting, the secret society where they would meet up after school hours, and how this group of girls were so different yet so close with each other.

It also felt pretentious. But a good kind. Lowe shoved loads of philosophy quotes in and made references to the ancient classics, but they weren’t like “oh, look at how much I know compared to you“, it was more like “this is where I’m going with this story” type-of-thing, if you get me? It was fun.

The Furies is a dark and twisted story. It’s about girls who fight back. It’s about women who are angry for being treated so wrongly. It’s a story about the lengths that women go to in order to gain some control over their lives again.

Have you read The Furies? Does it sound like something you’d be interested in? I really liked it, more than I thought I would, and ended up giving it 4****!

Thanks for reading, Lauren X

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