IMG_1975I’m Lauren, a bookworm from the North West of England. I have two degrees: a BA in English Literature and an MA in Victorian Literature.

As you can see, my whole life is practically books.

I created this space to ramble about books, whether that be on my favourite novel or new poetry I’ve stumbled across. I hope to work in publishing whilst writing my own novel on the side (which, of course, will be inspired by the Pendle Witches). Besides from literature, I enjoy wandering the countryside, watching period dramas, drinking copious amounts of tea, and playing with my dog.

Although my blog is primarily dedicated to books, you will find that I often write creative pieces, usually concerned with nature and the various places I visit (literary places or National Trust properties).


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Twitter: @laurenjpegler

Instagram: @laurenjpegler

Based in: Blackpool & Liverpool, UK.

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