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Mini Reviews | Christmas Edition:



Happy holidays! I hope your day is filled with chocolate yule logs, cosy jumpers and lots of books (I know mine will)!

I thought I’d bring you my own gift: another blog post. Lucky you! As it’s Christmas, I thought I’d quickly discuss two recent holiday reads that you might enjoy.

Let’s get into them…


Round the Christmas Fire: Festive Stories by various | 2 stars:

I had such trouble with this book. I bought Vintage’s Dickens at Christmas last year, and wanted to save this for this year. However, when I came to buy it, it was out of print. I searched everywhere – the cheapest I could find it was £30. I then, somehow, found it for £17 – umm and arhh for ages – and someone else bought it! Abebooks then sent me an email a few weeks later saying another copy had been added for £17, so I quickly swept it up. I wasn’t letting it out my sights this time!

It’s a collection of short Christmassy stories from the likes of Charles Dicken, Edith Wharton, M.R. James, P.G Wodehouse, E. Nesbit, and so on. It only took me a day to read (I mean, I did skip some of the stories because I had already read them before, but still that wasn’t a lot). What I liked most about this collection, as opposed to Dickens at Christmas, was that they were all festive. They all evolved around Christmastime. It put me into such a jolly mood, whereas the other did the complete opposite.

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2018 Reading Challenge | Did I Manage It?


As with most book readers, I told myself that I would finally get round to reading those books that have been sitting on my self for years. So, way back last December, I wrote a post about all the books I wanted to tick off my list in 2018. I thought it’d be interesting to trace my reading over the last year and see whether I actually managed to read them, or if I failed miserably.

Out of 113 books of 2018 (so far), did I manage to read those eight books I picked out? Well, let’s see…

First, I wanted to finish reading all of Jane Austen’s completed and published works. I had already read Pride and PrejudiceNorthanger Abbey and Sense and Sensibility before 2018, so I was left with EmmaPersuasion and Mansfield Park. I am ashamed to say that I only read two of them. I am yet to conquer Mansfield Park. I worry it’ll be a story that I don’t enjoy. For some reason, I have my reservations about it. I will, however, get to it in the new year. I loved Persuasion, it quickly came to be one of my favourite Austen novels, but I was a little disappointed with Emma.

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Victober Reading Wrap-up:


Not to complain, but October seemed like the longest month ever, right? I dedicated the month to working on my first Masters essay, working at good ol’ Asda, and joining in with Victober! It was my first time participating (as university reading always got in the way), but as I’m studying Victorian Literature, I thought it would be good motivation to get through my reading lists!

Let’s take a look at what I read this month…

Charles Kingsley’s The Water Babies | 1 star:

The first up is The Water Babies, which follows a little boy called Tom. He’s apprenticed to the villainous chimney-sweep, Mr Grimes. Whilst cleaning out the chimneys of a middle-class family, Tom finds himself in the daughter of the house’s room. She mistakes him for a thief, so he runs away. To cool down, he relaxes in a stream, where he eventually falls asleep. His journey underwaters then begins…

Err, I didn’t really like this one. I found the story quite bizarre; it never really made any sense, and the characters were a little too crazy for my liking. I don’t understand how children are supposed to take anything away from this story, it was that confusing. I appreciated the satirical approach to contemporary scientists, though!

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