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September Reading Wrap-Up:


September has ended already and I have one question: HOW? I wish time could just slow down for the next three months – the end of the year is my favourite time. The festivity of Halloween and Christmas, spiced hot drinks and cinnamon buns aplenty, and cosying up in fluffy blankets with autumnal candles flickering back and forth just screams my name.

Anyway, the start of a new month means a reading wrap-up. This’ll be my last wrap up on my blog. I’m not interested in them anymore. I don’t like writing them and I don’t like the way they look. Instead, every two weeks, I’m going to write reading updates, where I write a nice, long ramble on what I’ve been reading. So let’s get this out of the way…


This is the second book in Holly Black’s The Folk of the Air trilogy. I don’t want to spoil the story for those of you who haven’t read it, so I’ll leave the link to my August wrap-up where I discuss the first book (scroll to the end).

I didn’t enjoy this as much as the first one, but it was still a very good follow up. I love the feel of these books – so whimsical, enchanting and magical. Not to sound like one of those people, but it really encompasses my aesthetic, with the magic system, autumnal court and nymph-like figures. It’s so enjoyable. I really liked the plot twists, especially the ending. I’m very eager to pick up the last book!

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Ill Will | Heathcliff’s Supposed Origins:


Heathcliff has left Wuthering Heights and is travelling to Liverpool in search of his past. Along the way, he saves Emily, the foul-mouthed daughter of a Highwayman, and the pair journey on together. Roaming from graveyard to graveyard, making a living from Emily’s apparent ability to commune with the dead, the pair lie, cheat and scheme their way across the North of England. And towards the terrible misdeeds – and untold riches – that will one day send Heathcliff home to Wuthering Heights.


The great thing about Wuthering Heights is the many silences. Emily deliberately left *a lot* of things unsaid. Writers can fill these gaps with pretty much any story, because, at the end of the day, it’s most likely going to fit. These silences, however, don’t necessarily need to be filled. Some things are better left unsaid

Heathcliff’s origins forever remain a mystery to fans of the original. Was he an Irishman, seeking to escape the famine that plagued his hometown? Was he a slave, brought to Liverpool to sell on to the next middle-class white man? Was he simply an orphan, left on the streets by his mother because she had no means of taking care of him? We simply do not know. Emily did not inform us. This is where Michael Stewart enters the narrative, trying to fill those gaps.

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I’ve Changed My Mind…


Imagine: you’ve read a book and immediately disliked it or maybe you loved it. But a week, or a month, or a year down the line, you realise you were totally wrong about it.

Well, same.

Today, I want to talk about re-evaluating books. Those books you now view completely different, whether that be a newfound appreciation or a blossoming hatred for them. With me, I tend to acknowledge their value a little too late. It could be four years down the line (not uncommon) and I’ll suddenly realise it’s a really great book, despite having disliked it at first. Either that or I pressure myself into enjoying a book because everyone else is loving it. It’s not until later I realise it totally wasn’t my style and didn’t warrant a high rating from me.

It’s these types of books I want to discuss today!

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