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Victorian Literature | Semester I:

Toda04E96B5F-7203-4B69-9C20-699C1E6170C4y, we’re talking university. As with my undergrad studies (first year, second year, third year I & II), I wanted to discuss my modules with you. I love hearing what other people study and I love talking about what I study.

So, my first semester as a Masters student has drawn to a close. It’s been stressful. I’ve cried more times in the last two and half months than I did at undergrad for three years. It’s been a hard transition (I’ll definitely write a post about this at some point). Despite having a breakdown nearly every week, I’ve actually really enjoyed my studies. I’ve learnt so much about my favourite period. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

(I also studied a module called Research Skills but that’s pretty self-explanatory, very boring and was a core module that I had to do).

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Hello, 2019 (pls be kind to me):


I’ve seen a couple of people writing about how they want this year to go. It has inspired me to think about what I want from 2019, both bookish and personal. I articulate best when writing, so today you’re getting a rambly post from me. I thought I’d write down these ideas, here on this blog, for both me and you. I’ve let you into my life, told you all the stuff I’ve managed to achieve last year, and even let you in on some struggles, so why wouldn’t I put this stuff on the internet? Here’s to another year of me trying to navigate life.

My biggest priority is this blog. I want to build on it. I never used to share my writing, even if it was just a bog standard review. I suffered from crippling self-doubt about my own artistic abilities. How daft was I? Writing is now my release. My writing has improved drastically since starting this little old blog. If an essay is hurting my brain, or if reading is making my eyes blurry, or if I’m just having a bad day, I’ll crack open an empty document and start writing (I mean, that’s what I’m doing right now. I should be working on my essays that are due this week). I don’t share all of my writing, but I’ve found a passion for book blogging. It’s my escape, I guess you could say?

I want to write better posts. All I do is write book reviews, which is totally fine, don’t get me wrong. I want to carry on doing them, sharing my opinions about recent books that I’ve read. But I want to incorporate other material, too. I want to share creative pieces again, inspired by the seasons or trips to National Trust properties. I want to document my travels to the Lake District, or to the Brontë Parsonage. I want to write better, more engaging, blog posts about books. I want to find a writing style, a layout, a photo setup, that make me happy and represents me. That’s my main prerogative.

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thank u 2018, next:


2018 has been a pretty weird year.

First, I graduated with a First in English (Literature) from Liverpool John Moores, and I managed to get accepted onto a Masters in Victorian Literature at the University of Liverpool. I won’t lie and say it’s been an easy transition. I really, really, really enjoyed my undergraduate degree – I didn’t mind the reading and writing, I liked my tutors (well, most of them) and I liked the uni – but I’ve found my Masters really quite difficult. The workload, the level you’re studying at, and the independence, has been really different and for a long time I hated it.

I don’t hate it as much now…

Not the degree, or the reading, or the period I’m studying, just the change. I’m working a part-time job at (the one and only) Asda on top of studying. I’ve had to fit it around my uni schedule, which is waking up at 8am, either going to my seminar or working on my three 5,000 word essays, and then coming home to continue working or going to serve customers for six hours. I usually work five till eleven as well. It’s been hard and draining. But, thankfully, I’m someone who likes to plan ahead, so I’ve managed to place everything in my diary where it needs to be.

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