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I’ve Changed My Mind…


Imagine: you’ve read a book and immediately disliked it or maybe you loved it. But a week, or a month, or a year down the line, you realise you were totally wrong about it.

Well, same.

Today, I want to talk about re-evaluating books. Those books you now view completely different, whether that be a newfound appreciation or a blossoming hatred for them. With me, I tend to acknowledge their value a little too late. It could be four years down the line (not uncommon) and I’ll suddenly realise it’s a really great book, despite having disliked it at first. Either that or I pressure myself into enjoying a book because everyone else is loving it. It’s not until later I realise it totally wasn’t my style and didn’t warrant a high rating from me.

It’s these types of books I want to discuss today!

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October Wrap-up:


I always tend to start monthly wrap-ups by commenting on the fleeting nature of time, and this one is no different. Where has October gone? How does time pass so quickly?

Despite time slipping from me so swiftly, I’ve read quite a few books this month. I managed to finish reading all the books for two of my modules, and I finally finished a humongous biography I started back in September. So, it’s been a pretty good month for me.

Here’s what I read:

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