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Dorothy Wordsworth’s Journals:



Rated: 2 stars

Read: 9 September – 10 September, 2018

‘It is a breathless grey day that leaves the golden woods of Autumn quiet in their own tranquility, stately & beautiful in their decaying, the lake a perfect mirror’



Dorothy’s journals were on the suggested reading for my Romantic Victorians module. I have never read them in their entirety, only briefly analysing some for my Wordsworth course last year. They record her life with William, giving an insight into the daily life of the poet and his friendship with Coleridge. They are remarkable for their ‘spontaneity and immediacy, and for the vivid descriptions of people, place, and incidents that inspired some of Wordsworth’s best-loved poems’.

I read from the Oxford World’s Classics edition of ‘The Grasmere and Alfoxden Journals‘, which I would recommend if you’re looking for a detailed insight. They have an extensive notes section and a lengthy introduction. The Grasmere Journals began in May 1800 and was kept for three years, and the Alfoxden Journals was written during 1797 to 1798. Dorothy wrote pretty much everyday, addressing the most mundane activities of her day. It definitely isn’t a read for everyone.

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An Anthology for the Changing Seasons:


It is more and more important today that we engage with nature physically, intellectually and emotionally, rather than allow ourselves to disconnect; that we witness rather than turn away, and celebrate rather than neglect

Nature writing has always brought me solace. It’s something that, when locked away in a city for the majority of the year, brings me such comfort. It reminds me of home, where I can hear the bird’s sing as clearly as the blue sky. Where I can journey ten minutes one way and be surrounded by the hustle-and-bustle of town life, and then journey ten minutes the other way and be greeted by an abundance of plants, the trickling sound of running water, and the barren fells. When I stumbled across Melissa Harrison’s An Anthology for the Changing Seasons, I thought I was in heaven. I just had to buy and read them all.

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Summer TBR:


June is only two days away, and with it comes summer. In my opinion, summer is the worst season of them all. I turn into a literal vampire for three months. Honestly, you won’t see me outside unless it’s unusually cold, windy, or raining. I cannot handle the heat, even British heat. It’s just a big no from me. However, though, this does mean I have more time for reading. So, I wanted to share with you the four books I’m desperate to read this summer.

Let’s get into it

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