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Reading at University:

newI’m an English student – we’ve already established that by now. I have always been asked to read a book before a deadline. It didn’t become serious until my undergrad degree at Liverpool John Moores University; I was asked to read roughly 30 books per academic year, excluding essays, short stories and poetry. I had to read three books for this week, two for that. It never stayed the same. I’m not slowing down either; I’m now studying for a Masters in Victorian Literature. I’m constantly squeezing books in around a deadline, and it’s not easy.

Reading with a deadline is both a blessing and a curse.

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University Discussions

Misconceptions of being an English Student:


There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding English students, some that are completely reasonable and others that are completely daft. I’ve been an English student for three years now, and I will be continuing my studies for another year, so I’d say I’m pretty familiar with these. Whereas some of them are true, others hold literally no weight. I wanted to discuss some of them with you today, so let’s get into it…

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Favourite University Reads:


Fast forward three years and at least one hundred books, and I’ve finally finished my undergraduate degree. Although, I am not entirely finished with university just yet. This September, I’ll be moving to the Uni of Liverpool to study a Masters in Victorian Literature (so expect some posts about my reading lists soon).

Although my undergrad degree is finished and done with, I still can’t stop talking about it. Today, as inspired by Ashleigh’s post, I wanted to discuss the handful of books that I really enjoyed. Here are my favourite four reads…

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