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Victorian Literature | Semester I:

Toda04E96B5F-7203-4B69-9C20-699C1E6170C4y, we’re talking university. As with my undergrad studies (first year, second year, third year I & II), I wanted to discuss my modules with you. I love hearing what other people study and I love talking about what I study.

So, my first semester as a Masters student has drawn to a close. It’s been stressful. I’ve cried more times in the last two and half months than I did at undergrad for three years. It’s been a hard transition (I’ll definitely write a post about this at some point). Despite having a breakdown nearly every week, I’ve actually really enjoyed my studies. I’ve learnt so much about my favourite period. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

(I also studied a module called Research Skills but that’s pretty self-explanatory, very boring and was a core module that I had to do).

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