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2019 in Books: Disappointing Reads


You anticipate reading a certain book and then it disappoints you.

It’s a fact of life.

2019 wasn’t going to be the year where I read all five star books, now, was it?

I read some pretty rubbish books – I DNF’d four books and gave 1 star to 13 books. I don’t really wanna talk about those books today, but if you’re nosy then here’s my Goodreads. I want to chat about the books I had high expectations for but was only left with the bitter taste of disappointment.

Yeh, those books.

Once Upon A River – Diane Setterfield

I’ve heard *such* great things about Diane Setterfield and her books, so I went into this thinking I’ll find a new favourite. I was wrong. Very wrong. I found this SO. BORING.

So, on a dark midwinter’s night in an ancient inn on the Thames, the regulars are entertaining themselves by telling stories when the door bursts open and in steps an injured stranger. In his arms is the drowned corpse of a child. Hours later, the dead girl stirs, takes a breath and returns to life. Is it a miracle? or magic? And who does the girl belong to?

Doesn’t that sound amazing? Yeh, I thought so too. I was promised a dark atmosphere, a whimiscal and magical story with lyrical writing, but the repetitive plot put a stop to all that. I couldn’t really get a grasp on the plot – what the hell was even happening? It all just seemed to be non-sense.

I did, however, really like the storytelling aspect of it, so that was probably where the one star came from.

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Reading Update #2:


These past two weeks have been a little hectic…

I’ve been working a lot. I’m in my day job basically everyday for the next two weeks; I had to take some time of last week to do a last minute work experience placement at UCLan Publishing. I had such a ball! I worked on manuscripts, wrote press releases, scheduled social media posts and completed some market research! As with most of my publishing experience, I want to write a lil post about it, so expect that some point this week!

Busy schedule means very little time for reading, unfortunately. I’ve also been in such a weird reading mood. I didn’t want to read at all, but, because I don’t do anything else with my spare time, it was the only thing to do. At one point, I had started three books, but wasn’t getting through any of them.

In the past two weeks, I have managed to read three books and have also started another two.

First up was Rena Rossner’s  The Sisters of the Winter Wood. Liba and Laya live a very sheltered life, but when their parents travel to visit a dying relative, their world soon changes. They discover they can transform into a bear and a swan. Can this strange ability protect them from the mysterious band of men who visit their village? This book is heavily inspired by Jewish mythology, Slavic folklore and Christina Rossetti’s ‘Goblin Market’.

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Priority Reads |Fall Edition:


Three and a half months to go before we hit 2020 and there are still so many books I want to read. I thought if I wrote them down, told somebody I was going to read them, then I would have to finish them. I’m trying to hold myself accountable here. As usual, I’m a big mood reader. I don’t like setting myself TBRs of such – I could say I want to read  A Game of Thrones in November but not feel like it when the time comes. I do, however, like to tailor my reading to fit with the seasons. The books I’ve chosen for my end-of-the-year TBR are spooky, whimsical and dark. They’re perfect for the coming months.

I’m saving the English Heritage’s Eight Ghosts specifically for Halloween night, or the lead up to it, considering I’m in work on the actual night. It’s a collection of eight spooky stories written by multiple authors, including Jeanette Winterson and Sarah Perry, who wrote a piece inspired by their chosen English Heritage site. If you’ve been round here a while, you’ll probably of seen me moan about how short stories are unsatisfying, etc., but I’m giving this the benefit of the doubt. I’m going in with an open mind. I love Gothic tales, and sometimes they work better as short stories, so I’m hoping to like this one.

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