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The King’s Witch: The Best Witchy Novel Yet?


Noted historian, Tracy Borman, tried her hand at fiction, writing and publishing The King’s Witch, a first in a trilogy. It follows Frances Gorges, a natural herb healer, who tended Queen Elizabeth on her death bed. Now, in King James’ court, she is a marked woman for witchcraft. Her situation grows even more complicated when she meets the mysterious Tom Wintour, who has his own agenda. Can she trust him? Is he all that he seems?

I’ve never heard anyone talk about this book before. I only stumbled across it by chance when I was browsing the book aisle in my local Sainsbury’s. Something told me I couldn’t leave the shop without buying it, and I’m glad that I did, as it’s quickly become a new favourite of mine. It combines my love for historical fiction, the monarchy and witchery all into one.

I’ve never read any of Borman’s non-fiction, although I have Witches, a tale of Scandal, Sorcery and Seduction sitting on my shelves waiting to be read in preparation for my dissertation, but I’m eager to snap up all her other books. Being a historian has worked well in Borman’s favour, as she has managed to blend together a nice balance of history and fiction. It feels deeply authentic, both to the time period and to Borman herself. I’ve learnt a great deal from this book, but I’ve also had *such* a great time with it.

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