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UCLan Publishing | A New Episode in my Publishing Journey:


I’ve struggled to find work experience in the publishing industry for a few years now.

There aren’t many opportunities in the North, with publishing houses being “too small to facilitate any experience” (an actual response I once got), and London being too expensive for someone who spent all their savings on simply surviving at university.

UCLan Publishing was the first publishing house to offer me a productive and universal experience in the world of publishing. I reached out to them one day in summer – just on the off chance they could give me something – and I didn’t hear back for months. But I woke to a random email one day, asking if I wanted to join them the following week, and I was thrilled.

I gained skills in editorial to marketing, sales to publicity.

I spent a lot of time in editorial. The team wanted to encourage my interest in that area; they wanted to push me and help me develop skills. My main responsibilities were reading through manuscripts, writing reader reports, creating blurbs, and looking at sensitivity reports.

I gained an insight into the current market of both middle-grade and young adult fiction, learning what types of stories would be successful in such a competitive industry. My favourite part of the placement was getting to read through all the manuscripts; it’s amazing to see how stories transform from drafts to fully published novels. And how the editor helps to shape the story into what it is. I can’t wait to be that person one day.

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Bookish Discussions

A Rather Long Ramble on Publishing:

It’s a little known fact around here that I aspire to be a publisher. I want to write my own novel on the side (inspired by the Pendle Witches) but, for the most part, I want to work in publishing. This wasn’t always the case, though. It wasn’t until my second year at university when I was pressed to make a decision. I had to find relevant work experience, and fast. After careful consideration, I realised that I wanted to be a publisher. I love reading books and I love spotting mistakes – it was hidden in plain sight.

I managed to secure a 35 hour work placement at a local Liverpudlian magazine, Switch on to Business. I wrote, edited, proof-read, interviewed, transcribed, and endlessly researched for 6 hours a day. I worked both from home and the office. It gave me an insight to what publishing is really like – warts and all. Although it reassured me that magazine publishing isn’t the career path I wish to take, it did enrich me with various transferable skills in publishing. Ones that I can adapt to book publishing and the like.

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